First four-month period in Mechatronics

In the middle of the year I returned to the university to study Mechatronics Technology.

Developer at Corebiz

I joined Corebiz as an SSR Front-end Developer.

Foundation of T4M

I co-founded with my friends a web design and development agency.

2023 Work
Second year in Systems Engineerin

I decided to leave my career to work full-time as a developer.

2022 Foundation of TAPS

I co-founded a software consulting company with my friends.

First job

I joined POW as a developer.

First year in Systems Engineering

I passed all subjects.

2021 University

I finished high school and obtained the title of Programming Technician.

2020 Benteveoo

We made an eCommerce with pandemic constraints in mind and presented it as our high school final project.

First project

I made a simple back-end in Node.js to handle monetary transactions.

2019 OIA 2019

I qualified to national instance, level 3. I placed 11th.

2018 OIA 2018

I qualified to national instance, level 2. I placed 8th.

2017 OIA 2017

I qualified to national instance, level 2. I placed 16th.

2016 Started with Programming

On my third year of high school I started to program in C++.

2014 High school